Island Storage Suites

PDS Architecture was contacted by Island Storage Suites to help design an elegant, garage-style storage suite for consumers to preserve, maintain, and enjoy their most prized possessions. These luxury condo “mancaves” are situated in South

Haus Of Trikes & Bikes

  With a large positive track record of transforming commercial spaces, PDS Architecture was contracted to develop a new retail location for the Haus Of Trikes and Bikes located in Fort Myers Florida. Known throughout

Port Sanibel Marina

We were thrilled with the opportunity to work on Sanibel Island’s marina. The client requested construction of a facility that was designed to mimic their existing boat storage facility on Port Comfort Road. The project

Zoom Tan

PDS Architecture has serviced the needs of numerous Zoom Tan stores throughout Southwest Florida. These projects required closely working together with both the contractor and franchisee to ensure a consistent design that aligned with the

Santa Barbara Retail

PDS Architecture was contracted to complete drawings for contemporary retail building which the client used to attract a top tier cellular communication company, as well as a specialty dentistry operation. This beautiful plaza off of

Nathans Center

PDS Architecture was contacted in order to develop a commercial plaza across from Page Field Airport in Fort Myers Florida. The main showcase of this plaza was the Nathans Famous Restaurant, and PDS developed this

Sanibel Marina

PDS Architecture was hired to expand the existing marina and create a new boat storage facility. The new facility had to match the styling on the existing boat storage facility to create a seamless transition

Forum Outparcel

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A retail store specializing in the distribution of fine oil, homemade alcohol, and cooking products, PDS Architecture was pleased to design a showroom that showcased these products to the consumer. The project located in the

Architecture designed for the present, with an awareness of the past and a focus on the future.