At PDS Architecture our mission is to aid in the design and construction of your project, while making the process easy and enjoyable for you.

We are a full-service design company with a wide range of experience on multiple types of projects ranging from Commercial, Single and Multi-Family Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, and more.

PDS Architecture can provide a broad range of architectural services backed by the experience and education our clients appreciate and expect. Our experience excels in varied project types including mixed use, retail sectors, commercial, government, multi-family housing and custom residential. At PDS Architecture, we measure our success through our clients, other project team members, and those who engage the final product.

Our firm is comprised of talented architects who have complimentary areas of strength. Collaboratively, the team is able to bring a fresh perspective throughout the process of design which focuses on listening to the client, and addressing the unique challenges of each project. Our willingness to work in partnership with clients, not dictate course, is an attribute of our firm which sets us apart. This approach is evident from preliminary meetings and feasibility studies through the entire design and construction process.

Our Architectural Process

The process of designing a building, space or other structure typically consists of several interconnected design phases that build upon one another to create a cohesive and smoothly executed plan. It is important to keep in mind that this is seldom a strictly linear process — one typically moves back and forth between phases, allowing ideas and information to be modified to form a unified, coherent design. From the beginning, the client’s participation is an integral component and a top priority.


Preliminary Design

During the Preliminary Design Phase, we determine how to fulfil the client’s project requirements and desires. Typically, this phase will also identify and address design restrictions including but not limited to zoning and building codes, site conditions and existing structures.


Schematic Design

With the program in place, the architectural design process moves from the discovery of the ideas and issues to incorporating them into a comprehensive design solution. During this phase, priority is given to the larger scheme or overall design of a project and to some of the more specific requirements and desires of the client.


Design Development

During the Design Development Phase, the scheme created in the Schematic Design Phase is refined into a final design. Here the focus narrows from the overall design to the fine-grained decisions that shape each space and detail of the project. We continue to work closely with our clients on everything from layout details to product and finish.


Construction & Permit Document

At this phase of the architectural design process, the focus shifts from actively designing to communicating the design and providing all the information necessary for plan review, permitting, and construction. The technical documentation created during this phase provides the basis for the contractual agreement between owner and builder.

Architecture designed for the present, with an awareness of the past and a focus on the future.