Form Is Our Function

The importance of form is as old as human existence. Since early man first imagined star constellations in the night sky, the shape and form of things has captivated and driven our imaginations. Later, significant forms were those of castles, monuments, dwellings, places of worship—the very structures at the center of civilizations that rose, developed, and flourished.

Architecture has taken many forms, but has always been a considerably important component of human history. It can be everything from practical and efficient, to awe-inspiring and decadent.

At its best, it is timeless.

Timeless Designed Spaces

Intelligent use of space, surroundings and creativity

Business Philosophy

Clear, honest and frequent communication

Award Winning Design

Pushing Boundaries, garnering awards and recognition

What PDS is All About

In any creatively based craft, a practitioner’s or firm’s essence comes down to its core philosophy, and how well they demonstrate that mindset in their work. For us it boils down to this…

Our Mantra:

We Design for The Present, With an Awareness of The Past, And a Focus on The Future.

We design every project with these three elements in mind. Because the work we do must not only serve the occupants of today, and be rooted in time-honored architectural practices, but it must also endeavor to be a design that will stand the test of time. When we keep these core beliefs in mind, we will not fail you.

A Passionate Team

Wilfredo Escobar

Project Manager

Bryan Arnold

CAD Manager

Sue Kiszka

Administrative Assistant

Tyler Petersen


Ken Schoenfeld


Lou Porcaro


Yavney Neptune

Production Assistant

Azolea Corea

Production Assistant

Paul Cooper, IIDA

Interior Designer

Clients We’ve Served

The Scope of our craft

The services we offer fall into one of four categories—which, generally, follow a disciplined, systematic order. It is this process that provides the foundation for making sure each and every project is done to the best of our ability, and exceeds your expectations.

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